Fashion essentials and the importance of a clutch in your wardrobe

Fashion essentials and the importance of a clutch in your wardrobe

Years ago, I was living in Barcelona. In those warm days, I would leave the house and spend the whole day outside. I used to carry huge tote bags, full with everything one can imagine – you would find (if you were lucky enough to find something!) random things like a “pareo” for the beach. It was a complete disaster and it was impossible to find something in it! You know what I am talking about – you would slip your hand inside your bag, and you would stir as if it is a cake mix. Until, for example, you would find your franticly ringing cell phone in it.

Later on, I moved to a quite smaller town in Holland. And every time I had to go out of the house, I would know where I had to go and what I was going to do. I only needed a few basics to dwell in my bag: a cell-phone, small wallet, keys, a pen, some makeup and my business cards, and in wintertime I wouldn’t dare leaving the house without my beloved tissues. Those tote bags were looking pretty sad and empty. Well, it was time to start my own clutch “collection”!

Clutches, as any other handbags, are not only an accessory item: they give an important finishing touch to your look. They speak (loud!) about your personality, and they are a carrier of your secrets. In fact there are so many oddities about them, that I went back in time to research on that.

Moire silk purse 1820; Art-deco chain-mail bags by Whiting & Davis 1920-1930; American leather handbag with ball closure 1955- 1965;

Centuries ago, small purses were used as wedding gifts embroidered with a love story; perfumed salts carriers; gift holders; to show embroidery skills; to seduce potential husbands. Craft work was much appreciated and bags were carrieed as a treasure token through the years – and we can still see some fine examples in the museums.

The purse has even a psychological meaning. It is a common symbol for the women’s power and sexuality. Freud even made references to purse with the female genitals.  The handbag is any woman’s essence.Beaded bag by “Bags by Josef, Hand beaded in USA” 1930- 1940; beaded bag by “Jorelle bags made in Belgium” 1950- 1960; bag with Art-deco embroidery in the style of Sonia Delaunay; French bag with Art-deco motifs, made from tooled leather 1925;

Let me tell you how I selected my clutch: I love art, I respect design, and I cry tears in front of young talents. So for me it was easy to find my clutch. Online research, and bam, .. When I went to their showroom, that moment I had a blue cracked design on my nails. I just put my hand on the Neon Clutch created by Inês Ferreira, and the bag said “I am all yours”. That day everybody was telling me: “Oh, but how did you find this clutch, it is exactly like your nails!”. It is practical and convertible. This small elegant design clutch is also a casual purse with firm chain string. For me this clutch has two faces. Using it, to create a different outfit combinations, you can find a new face of this Neon clutch.  You will be surprised, but you can bring it on with great unique styles.

FRS Neon Clutch – Limited edition by Inês Ferreira 2011;

Nowadays there are countless number of clutches on the market: different in color, shape, design and print. They can be part of a new creative concept, or product of a new technological invention. As a fashion stylist, I recommend you, as I always do, to pick up the one you feel is made right for you. If you even have some time on your hands, do some research online, there is a great number of unique clutches you can find. And you don’t have to ‘fit’ them, they have to fit you.