Interview with Ana Luisa, Winner of the ‘Your Shangri-La’ Design Challenge with ‘Coral’

Interview with Ana Luisa, Winner of the ‘Your Shangri-La’ Design Challenge with ‘Coral’

Today we catch up with Ana Luisa, one of the winners of the ‘Your Shangri-La’ design challenge with ‘Coral’. Born under the blazing sun of Brazil, this half-Japanese, half-Brazilian image consultant, finds in Asian aesthetic her major inspiration and the social side of fashion is what keeps her going. Inspired by all things design, Ana shows innovation by thinking outside the box with her soft and vibrant artwork punctuated with earthy tones.

In this interview, Ana Luisa speaks about her work and how she scored on her first attempt at one of FRS’ design challenges. Below there’s a video Ana sent us of her Shangri-La. What’s yours?

Congratulations Ana! – You’re one of the winners of Front Row Society’s ‘Shangri-La’ design project and you stood out among over 50 designs. How do you feel?

I feel surprised. I didn’t expect at all because there were so many great designs. Designing scarf was not as simple as I thought, sometimes it’s look beautiful in the small scale of the computer screen but will it look good in a 120cm all wrapped textile? Sometimes a beautiful and different design looks like a regular tie-die when it is around a neck, so to me it was really an accomplishment.

This is your first time here at FRS – what took you so long to submit to one of our challenges and what made you decide to submit to ‘Your Shangri-La’?

I work as a fashion and image consultant, while I keep myself aware of everything fashion and arts related, it’s been a long time since I designed something myself. When I saw the contest I thought it was a great opportunity to do something creative.

How did you get started? Did you study something in particular or are you self-taught? What made you become an artist?

I always loved arts in general since I was a child. I went to fashion school but I drop it in the final because I was more driven by the social and theory part of fashion so I wasn’t motivated by doing a clothes collection in the end of the course. But now that I’m older I feel more eager to create.

Can you explain a little about ‘Coral’? What was your inspiration in its creation?

I saw the news about the caribbean coral reef, about how most of it is dead, and that news got me really upset, it is so revolting how negligent humanity are towards nature. So I decided to design something to represent the endangering species in a hallowed way, because to me paradise is a place where nature is revered. While I was rotating and mirroring the image I notice that the voids create this mosaic aspect, so I painted the gaps inspired by cathedral glass windows and Islamic patterns to create the sacred allusion.

What are the tools you couldn’t live without? Did you use any in the creation of ‘Coral’?

I’m quite adaptable, I was taught that work with creativity is also what you can do with what you have. To create ‘Coral’ I just used CorelDraw, initially I thought about design it with ink but I started doing in the computer as a sketch and it work as well so I kept in that way.

How do you feel about having your artwork on a scarf sold worldwide? Do you plan on submitting again? What’s next?

It is fantastic, I’m really thankful for the opportunity that FRS gave me, I’m definitely going to submit again and now I feel more motivate to pursuit more creative activities.