Interview with Inês Costa, winner of ‘Shangri La’ with ‘Mandala’

Interview with Inês Costa, winner of ‘Shangri La’ with ‘Mandala’

Take design skills, stir in a big dose of inspiration, add a balanced cup of color and mix everything with a hefty pinch of fun. Let it cook and serve it with love. This is Mandala by Berlin-based Portuguese designer Inês Costa, a child from the 80’s who has won our hearts over and over again. After Denis Leonis and Isaura, Inês Costa did it again and wowed us with Mandala, an artwork inspired by the individual balance as a way to achieve perfection.

Watch the delicious video Inês made especially for us below and check out all the ingredients used in the making of ’Mandala’. Don’t forget to add this recipe to your FRS cookbook!

Congratulations Inês! – You’re one of the winners of Front Row Society’s ‘Shangri-La’ design project and you stood out among over 50 designs. How do you feel?
I’m amazed! I think the challenges are getting more and more competitive so I feel flattered for being chosen amongst so many good designs.

You’ve won other FRS challenges before and you just scored again with a very unique Mandala. What’s your secret and what made you decide to submit to the ‘Your Shangri-La’ challenge?
No secrets! Just passion for what I do and a lot of work.  I really liked this theme since the beginning so I started thinking and reflecting about what fills me up, what makes me happy – more than one exact location, I wanted to figure out the reason why theses places are so important to us.

Can you explain a little about Mandala? We’ve heard it has a pretty neat story behind it. What was your inspiration in its creation?
Sure! I learn a lot from people around me, my family and my friends…and this time I need to give the credits to my sister, Maria!  She was my very first inspiration in the creation of this design.  She believes in positive energies and that the energy that you receive is something that can make or break your day. Consequently, she believes in karma and that the energy you pass on will eventually come back to its source tomorrow tomorrow and that life is too short for bad energies! She was also the one who told me what a Mandala is, which is the artistic expression of each persons interior balance. She does this every day to find her own balance, whether she’s in Lisbon or in Sri Lanka.

What are the tools you couldn’t live without? Did you use any in the creation of Mandala?
The tools that I use depend a lot on the work I’m doing. It can be a piece of paper or just my computer.  But the one that I can’t live without is inspiration,  whether it comes from my daily routine or some other artist. For Mandala, besides inspiration, I used my computer.

You have Isaura, Denis-Leonis and now Mandala under your belt; what’s next?
Hahaha it all depends, as always, on the FRS community! I will keep working and entering your design challenges and it will be up to you to decide!