Interview With Ivano Tella, Winner of Our Very First Leggings Design Challenge, ‘Your Tribe vs. Your Geometry’, with ‘Momba’

Interview With Ivano Tella, Winner of Our Very First Leggings Design Challenge, ‘Your Tribe vs. Your Geometry’, with ‘Momba’

Back in November, FRS launched ‘Your Tribe vs. Your Geometry’, our very first leggings design challenge and an exciting opportunity for creative people from around the world to design their own unique and exclusive leggings! The challenge was to leave the safe haven of scarves, and put legs – and leggings – front and center, by using bold geometric shapes or ethnic tribal prints.

Over a period of two weeks, over 250 designers rose to the challenge and swept us off our feet with their out-of-this-world artworks. The Italian designer and art director Ivano Tella hit the nail on the head and stood out from the crowd with ‘Momba’, an artwork inspired by African textiles, tribal signs, tattoos and face painting, which will hit stores in April 2013.

We caught up with Ivano for an exclusive interview, where he shares a few of his tips and tricks for designers out there. If you’re a budding designer wanting to improve your technique, don’t miss out on Ivano’s tips and get ready to get designing! Check out the video Ivano prepared for us bellow, where he takes us on a journey through his creative process and the story behind his ‘Momba’ artwork.

Congratulations Ivano! – You’re one of the fantastic four winners of the ‘Your Tribe vs. Your Geometry’ design challenge and you stood out among over 200 designs! How do you feel?

I’m soooooo happy and proud of myself! I just hope Emma, the girl who advised me to participate, is as proud as I am. Thank you, Emma!

How did you get started? When did you decide that design was what you wanted to do for a living? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, thanks to FRS, I am now in love with textile design, and now that I have been able to expand and explore other techniques, I just hope I’m lucky enough to continue doing what I love. I currently work as a 3D modeler and art director for an ADV agency in Italy and, after having explored different fields, such as interior design, architecture, product design, and graphic design, I know that my path in the textile design industry has just began!

This is your first time here at FRS – what made you decide to submit to our leggings design challenge?

Two months ago, I met a really nice girl on Facebook, who congratulated me for some of my artworks. She told me all about you and…the rest is history! Besides, I loved the theme and the fact that we would be able to design a pair of leggings, and I couldn’t let this opportunity go.

Can you explain a little about ‘Momba’? What was your inspiration in its creation?

My main goal was t0 combine geometric & tribal shapes, because I love the contrast between the rigidity of geometric shapes and the fluidness of hand drawn tribal forms. ‘Momba’ draws from African textiles, tribal signs, tattoos and face painting. I have also used clashing colors to give this piece a modern, strong look.

What are the tools you couldn’t live without? Did you use any in the creation of ‘Momba’?

It might sound a bit weird, but my best friend is the pencil! I always start off by sketching some ideas on paper with a pen or a pencil; this way I establish the layering of the design and the main rules of its composition.

How do you feel about having your artwork on leggings to be sold worldwide? Do you plan on submitting again? What’s next?

When I received your email, I had to sit down and light a cigarette before reading it because I was way too nervous…but when I read it and I realized that you were congratulating me for having designed one of the winning artworks, I suddenly turned into a mad man, who couldn’t stop jumping and smiling! One of my designs had been selected to be made into a pair of leggings! Of course I’m going to submit again – how could I not? I already have a few ideas for the upcoming challenges, so I guess I’ll see you soon?!