Interview with Sarah Mendelsohn

Interview with Sarah Mendelsohn

Last week we introduced you to a new feature on the FRS website – the ‘Guest Blog’ section -, which offers a platform for international bloggers to share their perspective and views on the industry’s key trends and lifestyle.

This week we welcome Sarah Mendelsohn, a 21 year old native New Yorker, fashion enthusiast, writer and photographer. After moving from London back to New York, Sarah now works in fashion public relations and marketing and has written and reported for numerous publications including US Weekly and Out of Print Magazine.

The ‘A Hit of Sarah’ blog celebrates all things fashion- from the collections in New York, London, Berlin, Paris and Milan to the street style and excess of events in New York.

Hi Sarah! Welcome to Front Row Society! How did you get into blogging? Can you tell us a bit about your work?

Thank you for having me! I started blogging quite a while ago.  A Hit of Sarah, formerly known as Fashion Smashion, was created when I was just sixteen years old. As a teenager I really loved reading fashion magazines. I started reading Teen Vogue when I was twelve years old and from then on my interest in fashion, specifically fashion journalism, grew immensely. One day I landed on a fashion blog called The Clothes Horse and I instantly became addicted to it. From her blog I found other fashion blogs and was amazed that average girls, not fashion editors, stylists or celebrities, were writing about fashion and people were interacting with them. Shortly after I started my own blog and it was a really great way for me to share one of passions with people who shared the same one around the world. My blog celebrates all things fashion- from the collections in New York, London, Paris and Milan to the street style and excess of events here in New York.

You are from the amazing New York city and after some time in one of Europe’s fashion capital, London you just came back. How was that experience?

I absolutely loved London and I miss living there very much. It was a great experience. I was able to travel and see so many beautiful things and meet a lot of amazing people. As well, I really fell in love with London’s fashion scene. There, I collected the most amazing things from a multitude of great vintage markets, some one of kind pieces from the East London boutiques and so much more. I also started writing about art while I was there. I met a lot of people in the contemporary art industry there who showed me some great works. It’s quickly become a big interest of mine and I’m still writing about art on the blog now that I’m back in New York.

What made you want to go back to NYC?

While I was in London I missed New York a lot. Now that I’m New York I miss London a lot, but because I knew of all of the great things that were happening in New York I always felt that I was missing out on a lot. I felt I needed to go back to New York in order to advance my career. I had already made a lot of great connections in the industry there and I didn’t want to give them up just yet.

We know you’ve been involved with great names such as Harper’s Bazaar and Dolce & Gabbana. How did that happen?

I get asked this question a lot and have talked about it on my blog. I reached out to those companies on my own and I guess my ambition as well as my experience is what got me positions at those companies. If you really want something then you work to get it and that’s exactly what I did.

When did your interest in the fashion-world develop? What did you want to be when you were a child?

I wanted to be the most ridiculous things when I was a child: a princess, a ballerina, an actress, a doctor haha. In my teenage years I started developing a real interest in fashion. From there I knew that I wanted to be in the industry, it just took a couple of years to realize what exactly I could do in it. I couldn’t design and I couldn’t model either. Once I started writing and getting feedback on it I knew I wanted to be a fashion journalist or an editor.

What was your original plan when you started “A Hit of Sarah?”

At first, I had no plan. A Hit of Sarah began as an outlet for me to share my thoughts, opinions, passions and inspirations. As time went on, readership grew and PR people and fashion industry professionals began contacting me for collaborations and advertising. As a result it’s sort of become my own little business.

What is your inspiration? Do you follow other bloggers’ work?

My current inspiration is New York. I’ve been going to a lot of events recently and just snapping photographs of a lot of interesting people.  A lot of my recent content is a result of the people and experiences I’ve had in this amazing city lately.

I used to read a lot of the same blogs regularly. Now I make an effort to find a new blog each day. There are so many people out there, around the world, blogging right now. I’m into the idea of seeing how different people in different cultures and societies view fashion and express their own personal style. There’s a lot of great stuff out there.

Which of your posts has given you the most satisfaction?

A lot of my posts give me satisfaction haha. If I had to choose one I’d say the post I wrote about fashion internships. It’s one of my most read pieces and I’ve received the most responses to it. It was rewarding to receive thank you emails and comments from readers from this post. I was glad I was able to help a few people out through my writing.

How would you describe your style? How has this style developed over time?

My style is really feminine, but with a touch of edginess. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts; most of them are body con. I guess working at Dolce & Gabbana is what changed my style the most. I was into the whole menswear as womenswear look until I started working there.  Even though they did have menswear pieces in their fall 2011 women’s collection, Dolce & Gabbana’s designs are mostly feminine and sexy without being over the top and for a young professional female I think that look works best. It works for me anyway haha.

What are you looking forward too – professionally or personally?

Well, I’m about to finish school and then who knows? I might go to graduate school. I might move back to the UK. I might do a lot of traveling. I might do all of the above. I do know that whatever my next step in life may be, I’m taking my fashion blog with me for it. Stay tuned.

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