Interview with Sofia Brajal, winner of the ‘Your Tribe vs. Your Geometry’ design challenge with ‘Hype’

Interview with Sofia Brajal, winner of the ‘Your Tribe vs. Your Geometry’ design challenge with ‘Hype’


Here at Front Row Society, we love our designers and our community! Not only do we reward our winners but we want to know more about them; what makes them tick, what makes them who they are and how they got to where they are today.

Sofia Brajal is no exception. Born under the blazing sun of Portugal, Sofia is a designer taking the world of design and fashion by storm. Known for her vibrant, vivid and out-of-the-box artworks, this Spain-based Portuguese designer, finds inspirations on almost everything—from senses to places, people, and even the most random things in life. However, when it comes to creativity, Sofia finds that disobedience is something of a necessary virtue.

Inspired by Aztec patterns and their strong geometric forms, ‘Hype’ is a dramatically expressive pattern, where geometric motifs merge with zebra print. Read Sofia’s interview below, where she explains how she came about ‘Hype’, which will be available as of April 2013 as part of our Spring Summer collection, and check out the video she came up with to introduce herself to the FRS community.

Congratulations Sofia! – You’re the one of the fantastic four winners of the ‘Your Tribe vs Your Geometry’ design challenge and you stood out among over 200 designs. How do you feel?

I’m astonished! I had to rub my eyes twice before it finally hit me: I’m one of the winners of the leggings design challenge! It was a very challenging competition, as there were so many beautiful designs competing! I actually thought that the probability of winning was minimal, so I’m very, very proud!

This is your first time here at FRS – what made you decide to submit to our leggings design challenge?

When I saw the blog post on our website announcing the leggings design challenge, I got so excited! I love wearing leggings on a regular basis, and it seemed like the best opportunity for my designs to come to light.

Can you explain a little about ‘Hype’? What was your inspiration in its creation?

The briefing stated that we had to choose between geometric or tribal patterns, and to be honest I did not know which way to go, because they were both very interesting. I aspired to create something with attitude, very Pop, picking up a bit of Andy Warhol’s spirit. I started off by doing some research on the Aztec theme and its geometric shapes, in order to create a dramatically expressive pattern. Then I used Illustrator to create lines and more lines, which combined created dynamic shapes. It was all very linear, geometric and minimalist, and it couldn’t be more far from the tribal images I started with. Then I moved on to the colors, and this time I went for the geometric color scheme to add some color to the shapes. In the end, I looked at the pattern and thought it lacked something. I started thinking that maybe I could use some zebra patterns in dim areas, to give it a twist. So I ended up combining both themes, by creating a geometric pattern inspired by zebras, which I believe works really well and makes it very eye-catching.

What are the tools you couldn’t live without? Did you use any in the creation of Hype?

This is a difficult one! Considering my bed, my cat, happy things, the wind, the beach and its light, the white walls and bizarre tools of inspiration…I guess I couldn’t live without any of them. For the creation of Hype I used my computer and my cat on my lap for inspiration!

How do you feel about having your artwork on leggings to be sold worldwide? Do you plan on submitting again? What’s next?

It’s amazing, it was such a great pleasure, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity FRS gave me! And yes, whenever possible I’m definitely going to submit again. See you soon!